About Us

Agronum Tech is an enterprise that focuses itself in the realm of Information Technologies. Initiated in the city of Bandung on the last quarter of 2017, Agronum Tech intends to assist both society and businesses in improving Information Technology related capabilities. On the other hand, Agronum Tech also allocates resources into the creation of personal projects, which would have specific utilities for society.

Providing the best service possible for our end-users is an integral point in out activities. To further this notion, Agronum Tech also takes the market’s opinions and demands as a part of the decision making process. Agronum Tech understands full well that quality is sought by end-users everywhere. Therefore, we reciprocate all trust given to us by maintaining such qualities in our activities.

Vision and Missions

'Assuring your IT needs'

As an actor in the realm of IT consulting, Agronum Tech aspires to reach prominence, becoming a well-known provider of services amongst our competitors. We also intend to instill and uphold strong work ethics in the jouney of achieving such aspirations.

Our Vision is becoming an IT Consultation enterprise that is credible, sustainable, and perpetually advancing both in the techonological and business aspects.
Our Missions are:
  • Emphasizing efficiency of work and effectiveness of product in every stage of a project
  • Finding new methods of improvement in the process of problem solving; from streamlining business processes to devising something entirely different from pre-existing softwares.
  • Perpetually developing the skills of associated human resources to achieve sustainability and ensure overall quality.


Irsam Satya Gana
President Director
Vitradisa Pratama
IT Director
Ahsan Jularso
Art Director


There are several ethos in Agronum Tech in place whenever we conduct business. Some are specific to a team, meant to balance out the shortcomings of the other. Some are generally expected and exemplified by all the staff.
  • Natural and seamless coordination amongst separate teams.
  • Problem solving not as task, but as a habit.
  • Finding innovative ways to formulate a product or conduct a project.
  • Determination in following Agronum Tech’s Vision and Mission, as well as specific project requirements.
  • Presentation, portfolio, and performance as a benchmark of credibility.
  • Meticulous in creation process; specific frameworks and specific methods are planned beforehand in order to minimize unnecessary loss of resources.
  • Seasoned human resources from all facets of Information Technology brought their specialties to the table ensuring the wide range of issues we can solve.
  • Capability of formulating elegant solutions out of existing issues.
  • Flexibility in conducting intrapersonal relations.
  • Process-oriented mindset; a belief that a good process is integral in creating a good product/outcome.
  • Constant awareness of the Information Technology landscape, regardless of sector.